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When you want to go out to eat

When I go out to eat, I often use to get my meal for cheaper than I would otherwise. I live in New York City where there are hundreds of restaurants with discounts on I find my self searching for one restaurant after another to see if the restaurant was reviewed well. After [...]
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Introducing CookThing

About two weeks ago I created a new front end to Recipe Puppy. It worked like this: Say what you want to make Pick from the list of common ingredients for that food Get a list of recipes the most relevant recipes to that food and ingredients The feedback on hn and the fact that it made the front [...]
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Recipe Puppy has a Blog!

Now that I have more time to work on Recipe Puppy, I have decided to start blogging about everything related to developing, promoting, and monetizing a recipe search engine. Check back here for more soon.
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